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I do not intend to make an analysis on the great personalities chosen to receive a tribute at the beginning of our works at the IEJUSA WORLD FORUM.

This is just a humble tribute where I express gratitude to Them for existing in our Planet, trying to bring us spiritual elevation and opening our hearts and minds to truths that beings as inferior as us cannot understand.

By contemplating the magnitude and elevation of the teachings of each one of Them and by knowing all of them were human beings, we can expect to have Peace and Joy in our beloved Earth: They all represent an ideal of human perfection that one day we wish to achieve. And the mere evidence that They were formed out of the same matter as ours, lived like us, is what allows us to expect to, one day, transcend our limitations raising to high fly in the search for Universal Fraternity.

Without mentioning the magnificent Religions organized as of Their teachings, which I hereby pay my tribute, I shall only comment on the human profile of each one of Them.

ARJUNA : Great hero, warrior prince who one day, in the middle of the battlefield, was faced with a conflict of conscience. The whole story of the inner drama comes in the form of an epic poem. This delicate literary approach was chosen to expose the human fragility and the effort of the character to transcend it. It is the “self knowledge” doctrine.



BUDA : The Hindu Prince who finding out the existence of human suffering, felt it and understood it as a hindrance to human development. And dived in a trip to his inner-self, searching for a way to tame it. And, when he found it He wanted to shares his discovery with his fellow beings, to help them achieve the non-suffering and its evolution, from then on. And He called it the “middle way” to transcend human weaknesses, source of all suffering.



JESUS : “ There is no greater love than giving your life to your brother”. He preached the “fraternal love” doctrine. He was the personification of Universal, transcendental Love offered to us, dying for us. The greatest enigma faced by those who are aware of his history is: where were those five thousand people who heard his renown “Sermon on the mount” at the time of his condemnation? Didn’t He pass by them during his walk to the martyrdom site? Didn’t they hear the call to chose who would be freed that Easter or did they also choose Barrabas because they didn’t want Love? Why did they hide? Are they still hiding until these days?
If those five thousand people who fed their souls and spirits at the slope of that mount, under the wonders of the Preacher had left their homes, gone to the judgment yard and screamed the name of Jesus, surely the chorus of their voices would have changed the final verdict and a lot of pain would have been avoided up to these days. Their error was the omission. And they had the opportunity to remedy it: Cesar himself, through Pilate, allowed people to decide, giving them the opportunity to trace their routes, but they were not ready for it. And are they now?



MOHAMMED : His extraordinary inner strength managed to unite his people who before Him used to live in the desert in nomad groups. He brought them the word of God, heard during his trips through the lands of the Hebrews. He transcended human condition and became the “Prophet of God”. From a simple merchant, through his own spiritual merits, he managed what seemed impossible: he united Arabs around a single divinity and, once reaching this union, he obtained another one – the national one. And in the land of the Arabs, during his life, Jews and Christians were welcomed with tender care, all in the name of a Single God, whom he called Allah. Many were the years of prosperity and peace to all, when the spiritual development was prosperous in the East and from there it could be distributed to the West.



MOSES : also a noble, receiving the call of his people he abandoned all the earthy powers and dedicated himself to a task that seemed impossible: transcend his human condition, finding in his inner-self an extraordinary strength to gather the whole enslaved Israel, freeing and conducting it to the “Promised Land.


They were extraordinary beings. All of altruism at a level that cannot even be understood by many people. These, for not have this understanding capacity, construe Their words within the limitations of their imperfect spirits and use them to justify their weaknesses. And by justifying them strength them and for this precise reason do to perceive they are not living those teachings, all aimed at eradicating them.

There are persons nowadays who meet in Bank lines, Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, in social parties and working meetings and stay there complaining aloud that “no one does a thing”. And afterwards, returning home, lock themselves and forget what they have just said and do not do a thing either. And the next day they restart with their complaints. Are they repeating that same error of those five thousands at the mount on the occasion of the “Sermon on the Mount”?

There are others who perceive self-knowledge as a way to pay attention only to one-self, and turn their image before themselves greater, forgetting that self-knowledge is precisely aimed at a good relationship with the other fellow beings, doing them good. And selfishness prevails, the Ego overcomes the Superior Self.

Many others interpret that there should be a war, they call holly, so that only their though prevail, forgetting that their Masters, first and foremost preach the peace between religions and their war was against ignorance and disunion.
It is so easy to lock oneself for love and open oneself for hate!
Do not let yourself be dominated by resentment. Try, before taking a rude measure, interpret the Words of these Great Men in the sense They presented them: to do what is good to your fellow beings! By doing so you will be doing good to yourself and to all your descendents, helping create a Better World!
I leave here a final request for a meditation on this topic. Maybe we all together can one day reach the understanding that human beings need to evolve as species, in view of the universal reality of harmony and cooperation.




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