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                                                                                                                                 Author: Lia Pantoja Milhomens



                                               In December of 2004, in day that I do not remember, I attended, as of habit, to a scientific interview in a closed tv  channel , where one of the most brilliant masters  of the new genetic science was interviewed  , specialist in the  forefront study  on cell-trunk, representative of the favorable chain to the human cloning.


                                               Discoursing magnificently on cellular breath, on mitocondres, gens, chromosomes, adenines, citosines, timines, guanines, DNA, desorribose, nucleotides, filaments, the scientist enraptured the viewers, also myself,apreciator  of biological sciences, and, visibly, the interviewer too. Then this, at certain time,  made  to him a  question that all mortal would like to see answered some day for a scientific genius as that one: after as much and extraordinary knowledge acquired on the human being life , could he  say if he believed the existence of God?


                                               Then, it came the overwhelming reply:

                                                  - I not only believe, but I affirm His  existence, therefore  I see Him  and I am always with Him  when I find me studying the DNA!

                                               Enthusiastic,    the reporter went  more  deep  in his  investigation and  asked  him if God was in the DNA. And the reply of  brilliant  man  became  simple, direct and enlightening:

                                                  - Not! God is not in the DNA. The DNA is God!


                                               After one  pause, where  it  is made a grave  silence, as that  one who  always  becomes at the following moment to a great revelation, he  explained:

                                                -  It  does not exist anything bigger than That One wich  creates the life, determines its characteristics and its duration - the DNA is the  only one  capable to carry through such prodigy. Therefore, the DNA is the supreme being, is God.


                                               Recuperatedd of the first surprise, immediately  that  thought came to me:   in this line of reasoning, we will arrive at the conclusion  that this sir scientist is above  God - here  is that, being It  the DNA,  who  handles it, who transfers it, who modifies it,  will be then what!? And, yet, what kind  of God  leaves to make Itself  of trick at the hands of a mortal? Nor the gods of  ancient  religions  left themselves  to be  used like this  - they were  who  occupied themselves  in making tricks with the human beings! It will be, therefore, that we will be returning to the very old times? But what  a  strange return! Whereas at  now it  would not  to exist only one God, but, also, innumerable Super-Gods, as much how many people that  were made use to study genetics - and all of them mortals! How it would have I to understand this situation - would be this a tragedy or a comedy? Or it would be a modern version of the comic opera by  Offenbach, “The Tales of Hoffman”, in which is  told the story  of a scientist who constructs a so perfect doll that a poor poet, when contemplating it, judging it a pretty  young  girl full of qualities, gets  deeply passionate for it  - the great scientist would be God and the poor poet the interviewed one?


                                               Soon became   a commercial  break  ,  and at  the return of the programming, could I  see that it was not about any  opera, but about  the  interview announced since the eve for the TV sender.

                                               I carried myself mentally, then, to the days of my infancy, therefore it came me to the mind an similar episode : to the six years of age, I got a  gift from  my parents, an intelligence game known as “puzzle”, that, complete, forms the famous  picture by  Leonardo da Vinci , the Mona Lisa, whose history they had explained me at that moment. Still with little intellectual development to reach the intrinsic value of the original  one of the  famous  work of art, even though  had recognized   all its  beauty and esplendor, I decided to play with my gift and to accept its challenge: I sat down in the soil and  shuffled all the teeny parts that formed the figure, later I mixed them, I shook them, I caught one to one and I looked its accurate place and at  the end of half an hour, I obtained to complete the picture. I repeated the game some times and finally  I  obtained to mount the figure in some minutes. Overhelmed  with the trick, I left crying out for the room, in my pueril logic:


                                               - Papa, Mom, I am more important than  this Da Vinci! He only obtained to make a picture of the Mona Lisa and I obtain to make how many  Mona Lisa’s pictures   I want, I undo then and I make then over again , all  compoletly equal !


                                               At that time I did not understande  the  amiable smile of my parents but,  at now  I delight in   the  remembrance  of a   so great childish  arrogance of mine.


                                               I waited the end of the presentation and decided to meditate  deeply above all what I just  finished to  to witness: a so high technological development and the incapacity to distinguish an incorporeal reality from another material.


                                               If the former  scientist was capable to make such  a deduction  on the divine nature, then what will not be capable to deduce the other human beings, well less illustrated, as is the  all of  us  majority ?


                                               By the  observation of  the moral and ethical nonsenses that we  currently see in the whole world, by  effect only of the  the human being misbehave, against itself same and all the Nature and its other inhabitants, destroying the planet with its activities that they understand to be so important,  we can imagine : what will be that  more evolved beings  do not go to find of all  that  our scientific discoveries -  do not pass them of  mischievousness of infantile beings? Persons that,  irresponsibly , are destroying the planet as if  it  was a toy that had they earned as  gift from  God (faced for all of thus that  act by that way  as the figure of  their  human fathers , so  imperfect as they are , without responsibility about  the undamagedy of all the universe) and for their  mere delight they can destroy it, because later “Papa”it will give to them plus other toys, that is, other planets, perhaps until better and bigger ones , for the sake of  them be able to continue this workmanship of vandalism?


                        As we can see,  we  only can conclude that it is already time of we  become adults, urgently, to make our ritual act in passing very soon, for sake of  not to destroy all the existing universes, or to be, before this, destroyed. And to  base this option, we do not need much intellectual effort , is enough, before everything, to interpret our more sacred Book, where it is  found, in only one phrase, a double order of God to  Adam and Eva, by the way to  the humanity whom they represented: “Grow up  and  Multiply  you ”.


                                               The  grow up , in the Biblical episode, seem to me, after great meditation, that  is used in the moral direction,  in the sense of to evolve, simply because, if Adam and Eva  had been already created physically  adult, and this is reported in all Genesis , what  necessity had their  proper Creator to give them  this order  to grow in the physical direction, if He himself already thus makes them? Without any  doubt, this first part of the divine order is necessary and condicionant  of  the second, the “multiply you”, that is  It , oniscient , would not go to desire that infantile and irresponsible beings could become so numerous at  the point of,  in the future, to threaten part or all Its creation.


                                               And, why, could  you ask  me, if until the moment  we  do worry yet about the fact of  being or not children, and we  have been  lived relatively well and reached a wonderful technological development, in the condition where in we find , exactly now we would have to make our ritual act in passage for adult  age?


                                               The reply  is simple: first, because most of the humanity does not live at least regularly, but sofferably ; on the other hand, the most portioned  live  always fear of the events created by the violence in all the levels and in all the countries of the world, or  being  the target of wars or terrorism, in a general direction, or,  individually , being victims of the egoism and the lack of civic and moral education of our fellows ones . Along with this, with the reached technological development, that independ  of these factors, we are initiating a new phase of Great Discoveries, as it  occurred in the Average Age and of which our ancestor had not known to make good use: wonderful   civilizations that many benefits could have all brought to the world, had been destroyed  and the joined wealth obtained  had soon disappeared in the dust of the time. And  we come back again to the great existing problems in the Old Continent, now spread for the New Continent and the other discovered regions, beyond  more new  other ones  proceeding  from this destructive activity of them.


                                               If we trouble  in reading a little of History, we will see that the human being, from time to time, see itself compelled to  face  resembled situations and it always repeats the same errors and it suffers to similars consequences. However, to make a mistake is human, exactly because we must to  learn with these  errors, but repeat  them constantly, still more in proper damage,  demonstrate lack of mental acuity. If it  exists for the technological reasoning, certainly will be lacking for the logical reasoning.


                                               What there historycally exists, is a  vicious circle in the scaling of the human being -  is a vicious circle  that leaves it, as a vehicle  get stucking in the mud. And thus, in the same way that the bogger  of the vehicle increases more and  more  with the  uses the motor force of the vehicle, thus  it is  operated  with  human being History - the more of pure technology  it uses, in detriment of logical reasoning, more  it dives in  dangers that  threaten them, therefore these  dangers  evolve and  appear in  new forms, until then unknown. And the vicious  circle recovers  always and always,  imprisoned  to the beginning point.


                                               Therefore all of that the  development of logical sciences becomes necessary, moral and ethical: it is the  counterbalance for us  to be able to equilibrate our performance as a genus and  to  reach , tranquilly , individual and general wellfare, that, in last analysis, it is the goal of all individual, whether  as human in itself, or  as component of all of the humanity. In the understanding of this we  demonstrate to be an adult human.


                                               As well as enormous surprises had been presented to great scientists of  Average Age , that denied the existence of other peoples and other civilizations beyond that ones  they knew,  we do not know  what  other ones  as much and bigger surprises  will not be waiting  for us outside  the borders of our beloved Land - at our time, our scientists, brilliant s technological, also affirm the inexistence of other civilizations in the innumerable universes that in surround us . Here, as there, some scientists put  the contrary hypothesis, but they are disrespected and mocked. But  what nobody can deny, it is that, now, in century XXI, as in century XV, these people can be making  a mistake, and also be acting with the same infantile arrogance that a child six  years old  feels when deciphering  its first “puzzle”.


                                               At last, in the doubt to possess or not neighboring, and same that it  does  not exist, we must inquire, now, yes, now that our planet is almost all destroyed by us, the following one:


                                               we desire to be remembered in future times, as an extinct species that had its extinguishing for being similar to a great cloud of grasshoppers that everything destroys to its passing  and later  it extinguishes itserl  because nothing left for its proper subsistence,

                                                           or, then,


                                               we  desire to be being remembered as messenger  of peace , at future remote times, for our descendants and perhaps for other species more or less evolved than us, and capable people  to  much teaching  and, still more, to much  learning.


                                               For the second hypothesis, yes,  is urgent our ritual act  to  the adult age  - and this ritual  is  translated  by  a mentality change, to the establishment, at  the world-wide level, of concrete acts  of social justice, only capable to be gotten with  raised ethical moral and . It is not enough to the international organisms and to the elites of the countries of the world only to speak on peace, but, yes, to accomplish  necessary measures  to the ending of the enormous differences of conditions of life among  the human beings, whether  are destined to subject the hunger, the illiteracy, the ignorance, the ethics lack stops with the fellow creatures and other components of the Nature, or  the ending of wars, mainly for racial or territorial reasons, or  the fulfilment of international agreements established by the ONU, especially relative the divergences in the Middle East, especially  drive in  the quarrels on established rights already since the end ofthe second great world-wide war on territories and not yet fulfilled, passed more than sixty years, or  better distribution of income, or  establishment of one  maximum to the  profit of the multinational interprises ,  or making obligatory the  profit sharing of the companies with the employees, or complete  assistance to infancy, or  gratuitous education of quality, or  gratuitous medical assistance of quality to all the people. At least, these itens, at the beginning .


                                               Here, I ask myself: it will be that I am considering a new “Utopia”?Will it  be an “utopia”to imagine that the human being, some day, will arrive at its adult age, as a group, as an  species? I believe that not: if, amongst the human beings a great number of individuals already reached this evolutive  period , why must I imagine that the others cannot reach  it, if they  possess  the same DNA ?


                                               These individuals that, through sufferings,  studies, examples, interior will, had obtained to evolve,  had already fulfilled  the first part of the order  in the godspell, they are  already  in a superior  growing, and, , happily, are  multiplying themselves and, therefore, I understand that my supposed “Utopia” is a reality, even though  a yet  not touched realiy, yes, but a possible reality  - I only wait that the evolved beings  multiply the  more quickly possible, so that they can annul the effect of the incapacity of many humans  to exert good  their free  will. (Note: “to be multiplied”, here, does not want only  to say to give birth to other beings, but, also, that other human beings already in full activity also reach this understanding, starting to act as this understanding ).


                                               To the end, it only remains to  me to desire  good luck fo everibody, therefore whether a  badly or a  good making  of someones  with the reins of the decisions in the hands, there  will not  only be  influence in the destination of them, but in your  and mine and all  our descendants too, therefore, whether we  want or not, we are  made with  the same DNA, this link that no mortal has still the power to extinguish or  transform into other one of a new species  - to each species its own  DNA was given by the Creator and is in it that its History is written, and, in universal terms :  more one  species or another one that comes to be  extermined because  the respective population  did  not function as it was determined to it it is not of great importance, it is plus a bad  DNA that is  removed  of circulation.What really  functions in macro-universe terms, as have already  alerted the great Einstein  there is a  general law established there, which, want or not, we are all subjected. The Human Laws  of Justice  are   like  the Newton’s Laws –they only influence  the terrestre enviononment. Outside the Earth the Laws of Justice  that are  in force  are  another  ones, that,  as the  technological  law ,  we don’t know yet wha tare , although t  we know  they exist and  must  have moral and ethics principles  envolved, and  people  who  don’t have  one or other  in his own planet, certainly will be  incapable to  conduct under  the  command  of universal general laws , naturally  more  comprehensive than  local or  planetary norms.


                                               From the moment where really we will be able to go beyond the borders of the solar system that  protects us, then we will feel the incorporeal effect of the universal general laws,  not tangible materially, in the direction that our current scientists understand the  tangiblelity - and for this we must be prepared.






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