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Author: Lia Pantoja Milhomens





                                               Yesterday I read a new article in the weekly magazine “Veja” of this week, by the way of constant quarrels that still exist in Adventist schools, on the real theory of the human being origin, if the Creationist, as gives us  notice the Old Testament, or the Evolutionist , as the studies of Charles Darwin.


                                               Some years ago I adopted the habit to meditate about  half hour  at night before lying down , regarding the events of the day, and, when waking up, for the same time space, and have noticed some type of clarification, per the morning, on some investigations that I have become before sleeping.


                                               And so, after the reading of that news article, I reflected about  it  and, soon after,  I fell in deep sleep. I had an interesting dream, that have  initiated with a gorgeous landscape, in a wonderful place, having to deep an enormous opened portal , from where  two beautiful  young humen   have came up , a guy  and a young woman, interwined hands, dressed with strange clothes, seeming made of great green vegetable leves. In all the environment, we  became to hear, in a sound that more seemed to be  music, flooding all retreats, and whose words we  could understand but  not hear, a deep and calm voice, that said : “Grow-up  and  multiply you.” And so , ceased this message, the two ones , that have  ran and   just covered their faces with their  hands , stopped. Then,  oppened their eyes  and became to  observe the environment around them . Sighting me, they had looked me and smiled, inviting me to continue with them a long  walked. Thus, we were the three walking and talking for the way, until finding a pretty forest, with  plants and animals well-known  to me , were we stood and, finally we said good-by.During the route, I noticed that the place  was about  our planet. When  I waked up ,  the following morning, I felt taken me of an enormous will to write about  everything that happened  in this dreamlike reality.


                                               That dream  was about Adam and Eva, it seemed  to me, but  not as they are portraied in almost all illustrations in historical and religious books, but at the followed moment after their arrival to Earth , already accepted  the divine determination to exclude them from  the Paradise and convinced of they would have to construct  a new life in that new habitation, taking care of to that last determination  received from their  Creator.


                                               The arrival of those two Youngs  to the planet Earth is one second stage of one same event, not very clarified in all the theological or historical compendiums, that pass of the exit of them of the Paradise for events with its two children, Caim and Abel, leaving blank the intermediate period.


                                               As Rousseau explained, in his  work “Social Contract”, there are  certain phases of History about what  we  do not find scientific narratives or evidences. So  it will  be to be used the philosophical reasoning so that we  can make a  bridge  sufficiently  resistant to critiques, between  the previous and posterior episodes to them. And, paraphrasing him,  at  the beginning of the First Book, I affirm that “I enter in the substance without demonstrating the importance of my subject. You will ask to me if I am a catholic nun, as Adventist Bishop, or a theologian, or a biologist, to write with regard to theories on the origin of the life. If I was one or another thing, would not lose my time writing this chronicle, to have a word you, but I would be launching a new theory and I ahead defend it in  front of boards of examiners and trying to convince that people to accept it . Having been born as human being,  citizen of a democratic state, educated and living under the Christianity doctrine, for free choice, even so weak the influence that my opinion can have on the religious subjects, the right of speaking on about  them is enough to impose the duty to instruct me  its respect, feeling me happy all the times  I meditate ” on the divine things, “for always finding, in my cogitations , reasons to love” my Creator. (Cf. Jean Jacques Rousseau: Du Social Contrat or Princes du Droit Politique, ed. C.E.Vaughan, Manchester, 1947,  the beginning of the First Book).


                                               Displayed all the reasons above, and using to advantage the knowledge that the modern biological science has placed to our reach, allied to a great experience in the treatment with the human being inside of its more specific aspect, the exercise of the free will, in reason of the legal career  that I hugged, I could get a new vision of the adamic event, theorizing  on the contained intermediate phase in the period of the exit of the paradise and of the understanding for the two human beings that they would have to restart its lives, giving fulfilment the divine order that they had received next to the Portal : “Grow-up and multiply you”.


                                               For the  beginning, I must establish from what  premise will be analyzed all the question, without necessity to retrace to all history, therefore it is known in the whole world, analyzing two hypothesys:


                                               First  Hypothesys:


                                               If we  consider the Divinity as an authoritarian, revengeful  and irascible  Being, inside and outside of Its proper Paradise, then we  can face Its act as if  one punishment only  because the man and the woman had disobeyed Its determination and also they had desired to know secrets that they  could not reach (a God only  worthy to be  feared, in the form as  presents  us It   all the narrative of the footpath human being in the Old  Testement ).


                                               Under this  point of view, the exit from  the Paradise and Its order so that the human beings grew-up and  multiplied, were  a punishment for what it would be called “original sin”, or be interpreted as a curse on them two and all its descendants. But, according to this interpretation, we will have not  an explanation for  another face of  that same event : if they had been created with the free will, according the desire  of the Creator, oniscient , It always knew that this quality would be unnecessary, if they mighty  never have been  submitted to any dilemma , or that, if submitted,  they  always have to decide as Its determination    - in this last case, there  would not be any quandary in freedon  personal valuation and, therefore, it would not exist free  will. The human decision ahead of the dilemma  presented for the “serpent of the paradise”, must be understood,  did not please  the Creator –  naturally because  the free will of the man did not function correctly, as Its desire.


                                               Otherwise , we may  ask  : if It did not like the  result of Its creation, nothing would hinder the Creator to exterminate it, unless  Its proper will, because It is onipotent.   Why, then, did It  decide to exempt the human being species of the extinguishing at that moment, where there was   only two  individuals and they could not still cause damages to the other beings, and  why dit It even   determine their  growth and multiplication - it would be so that they mighty serve  as an  example to all those ones  that dared  disobey It , or, then, only for mercy? And, why, having the power to transform and to improve, comprehended  in the  own  power   of creation, did It  not make,  simply, a small modification in the DNA of Adam and Eva and, next,  returned them to the paradisiacal life, but contented Itself on  seeing them to proliferate as the rats or rabbits and allowed that its descendants  became the biggest predators of this planet, feared for all the other species also works of Its creation? Allege oneself, because  opportune, that the DNA of the “serpent of the paradise”, at  the same episode, was at once modified by It, therefore  that animal, according to Biblical narrative, who till then walked (or  flew) , passed  to drag for the soil, as up to now  make  all individuals of its species. We can see, thus, that Its idea was, yet , to make good use of both its creations. But, according  this hypothesis, there is one question  without reply: why  will it  be that the serpent had of ready its physical form modified and the human being, according to same narrative, at least  nowadays  did not have it?


                                               Therefore, in accordance with this first hypothesis, we only can conclude that Adam and Eva already had been created , since the beginning, perfect and complete and just because of that  its act was a rebellion against their own  Creator. In face  of  this rebellion and the Divine reaction to banish them from the Paradise, also it is had to imagine that It would have a reason to determine their  growth and multiplication - being It oniscient, also did It not have full conscience  that, kept them  in that stage , without any evolution, with the intelligence that It gave to them and a defective  free  will,  would not they and all their descendents  become, later, the worst  and more numerous predators of the Planet Earth , and thereafter, of all the Universe, leading the destruction to all the other species and things for It  created ?


                                                Inside  this hypothesis there are   innumerable investigations without reply , principally  that one about we had made  to the image and similarity of the Creator, if we are so imperfect, being It the  Maximum Perfection. Perhaps that imperfection would be deliberated by Him. It would have been just  because our  imperfection that we had not understood Its determination, inside and outside  the Paradise. Defective since the beginning, our  defect   still would be persistent until this date, and therefore, we could not never understand what was  determined for It, and we could yet  not to  act as it  was waited of us, even though ahead of the saving activity that Its Envoy fulfilled between us.


                                               At last, in accordance with the creationist theory, without  admitting the  hypothesis of evolution, we would be predestined to  continue perpetually as defective beings by  the proper adamic  DNA, transmitted until the end of the times, to all his  descendants, what it would be in the opposite to our knowledge  that God is infinitely Just. On the other hand, we would be unloaded of the nature’s  law  about  natural selection of the species, and, therefore, incapable to fulfill the Creator’s  order  to grow up -  that order  could only have been given in the evolutionary direction, therefore if Adam and Eva had been created adult, perfect and finished, in such a physical or  morally way , it would not have reason to be given.


                                               Second Hypothesis:



                                               If we  consider the Divinity  as being loving and just , oniscient, onipresent and onipotent, as It was presented us by  Jesus Christ ,accordingly the reports  of the New Testement , then we  can face Its act as representative of one second stage in the creative process of the human being, in which that species  would have to develop moral and psychic special  characteristics - a  compulsory chance  to provide its evolution. In that  case , it was not the fact of the disobedience that made It to understand that Its creation was not complete, but yes, the verification  that the man and the woman  not had reached yet  the necessary  period of training  to  develop the fullness  complet creation. If God  desired them would be intelligent beings  but incapable to contest, to decide as its proper and only evaluation, It would have made them accurately as the angels, who, for having  great part of Its essence, do not need to analyze Its orders to comply  with them, therefore they have complete understandig and  accordance  since the beginning . So, as the human don’t has Its essence, but only similarity, is that It gave  to them, as compensation, the free will, that implies in a valuation judgment to be able to be exercised. And  this judgment of valuation  can be made perfectly only  when  its detainer has  also, a perfect capacity of evaluation, that cannot be acquired from the outside to the  inside ( also given for its Creator, or another being, in the case the serpent), but it has to be  developped by the proper human being, as intrinsic quality, being gotten by experimentation - there, yes, we can understand the episode of the proposal of the serpent as a test of quality to the similarity of what the manufacturers make in their  products nowadays before their  placement at  the disposal of the market. The  episode of the “expulsion of the paradise” would be  the form to propitiate  the two human beings an environment in evolutional phase, in whose inter-relationship they would have the necessary chance to acquire experience and to develop their  judgment of valuation, being able  to understand clearly that this was a love act, and, not, a  revenge. Certainly some reason occurred  the Creator to make a being to Its image and similarity, with the intelligence of the angels, but unprovided of Its essence, with characteristics of animals, but provided with free will, and, certainly, when imagining it in this way, also reserved to  it specific tasks that, at  that point , it did not yet demonstrate to have the capacity to attend. To reach the full capacity to attend  the purposes of the Creator, even though did not  know which  they were   it is a duty of the human being, and, certainly, this is part of a evolutionist plan.


                                               In any  of these two hypotheses, what it is of all certain is that a so intelligent Being never would give a duplicity of order in one same phrase, that is, It would not say vain words or  would not commit pleonasm: consequently , to grow up certainly is used in a completely different direction of  to be multiplied. This because, if  Adam and Eva are considered as finished products, as they would have been in the first hypothesis, then they could anymore  more to  grow-up  individually nor in the physical  nor in the moral direction - and there, really,we  could not speak in evolution and the Adventists would have all reason in not accepting any theory in that  direction, because completely oppose  to  idea of that the human beings  would have already been created with the physical and moral aspect that they  currently possess.


                                               In any way, somebody could say me that, in scientific headquarters, a theory  only is being  as  true when it is tested .And if  the  creacionist theory did not result proved,  also the evolutionist theory did not; and therefore,  being thus, the one that seems more logical to somebody  can not seem that way  to otherones and, while any one will not be proven,we  can not condemn to extermination  any of the two . There is, otherwise, in the scientific way,  people that are not adept of  Adventistic creed, who  affirms  that  the evolucionist theory  can only be  applied to  the inhabitants of Gallapagos, the island studied by  Darwin, and  decided to accept the “Theory of the Intelligent Design”.


                                               From years 80 of the passed century, with the event of new biology, many scientists, biologists, mathematicians and philosophers had revived a theory of century XIX, developed for William Paley and Richard Dawkins, presented in the book “The Blind Watchmaker”, and, with some aspects of modernity, had formulated the theory of the Intelligent Drawing - that nor accepted the creacionism, they say is religion and not science,  nor the evolutionism, they say is naturalism, without scientific method. They affirm that we  can verify, in the world, there are “specific complexities” to indicate the presence of an intelligent design , especially in the organic individuals, much more complex than the  inorganics. For them it is necessary an  intelligent tracer, that  would not be necessarily God, even because some of its adepts, as Dawkins, are atheistic and other ones, naturalists,  understand that the proper natural selection,  not by chance,  would put in charge to draw these complex organic formulas. And that designs were made  from molecules, where, yes,  it would  be perfectly operated  the function of the nature tracer. But  they also do not accept the  natural selection, for understanding that excessively complex organisms  cannot be originated for  mere chance ,  and  that everything that lives nowadays  could  not have been done at the same time, as would be understood in the creacionism, while  other ones  understand that it  mighty  be the Great Tracer, or the Creator, or God. Its more prominent representatives today  are Michael Denton, Michael Behe, Philip E. Johnson, amongst others.


                                               On the other hand, somebody may  remember me that in our planet there are not only good and helpful beings, but  also predators, in all the environments, and nor therefore we can say that they are not in advanced process of evolution.And that,being the human  only plus one of them,  I cannot also present this argument to say them unfinished. To what, of soon, I talk back there is  of  scientific and  philosophical knowledge that  the other  terrestrial beings, especially the predators, are not   endowed with free will and, being thus, they do not must  have  to make an evaluation and, as irrationals, do not have discernment on what it would be the good and the evil. Regarding the investigation on what it would be the good and what would be the evil, I do not go to penetrate in no quarrel on subject of so high theological and philosophical investigation, because this subject is indifferent to the beddings of the creacionism, the evolutionism, or the intelligent design , therefore is not point enclosed for none of these theories.


                                               In the light of the genetics  language , we can, moreover, to say on  another form, that, when it is said that Adam was created at  first, and at  later , Eva, from  a piece of that one, also we  cannot deny completely, that these the two names would be being given to  DNAs, having been constructed of the first the  male and  later, of the female, added in the second a  characteristic that would be of the first one and  after  was lacking to him , and that  was of  more in she — and therefore the allusion to the fact   that the woman has been created  from a removed piece of the man.


                                               Well ! It will say great part of people, if Adam and Eva had been made at  the image and similarity of the Creator, there  would not have necessity of a particular DNA for them.  I can  still  there answer that no human being is capable to know the true appearance divine, because our brain, how it is now,it does not have conditions  to be able to conceive the true nature of the Divine Being , the more even if  Its appearance.We(from the judaism and during all the history of the Christianity) ,  in elapsing of the times,  is that  decided to give to our  God our proper image and, from that image,  to give the appearence to  Adam and Eva. But all these representations  of God  that always we made had been only illations of our proper minds. And it is the actual DNA that give human being its appareance nowadays, and that is a  scientifically confirmed fact, and not mere imagination. Only  to argue, I say you that we,  the occidental  people, if we had the aspect of orientals, as the Chineses,  we would have had idealized in such a way the figure of God and  of Adam and the Eva too, with the same characteristics of Chineses. Even then the Islam, that is  another monotheistic   religion , coming from the Judaistic common root, does not make figurative representations of Allah, who is the our same God, and nor therefore It let  to be the same  Supreme Being  that we love and  adore.


                                               Other ones may  argue that it is  not yet stablished scientifically  if there are real differences between the current human DNA and  that one of those ones who had initiated the humanity — the external aspect is of the least  importance , if is  this that as much bothers many people —, and, on the other hand, also it does not have enough proof  about the reality of an increase of our brain, remembering that,  some years ago, we had the man of Neanderthal as our ancestor, but has little time this hypothesis was discarded, as may  be still discarded other ones of  evolutionistic  character. At last, little we know to  authorize us to  affirm the  total  veracity of  one and  error and gap of the other  of  the currently accepted theories.


                                               Somebody will be able, say we, a convincedatheist convicto, for example,  that  denies the existence of God, to say that the creacionism does not exist simply because It does not exist. But the proper inexistence of God that he  alleges is not but  a theory that nor he himself will obtain to prove. For some ones, until, atheism is a religion of those ones that do not adhere to religious approaches (they would be  practicing ones  of  irreligious approaches, as the Humanism, the Rationalism and Agnosticism),  a  not theistic religion. Based on a unproven theory ( the theory that preaches  the inexistence of God ), a person does not obtain to demonstrate another one theory , what it is not conceivable nor for the scientific  nor for the philosophical  method . The proper theory of the intelligent design  is accepted in such a way for theistics  and  atheistics.


                                               Let us imagine, then, Adam and Eva in the following day to its exclusion of the Paradise, having already delimited all the beauty and esplendor of the planet where  they are, where also there are  ways for their  subsistence. They must have had  understood that, to get these ways, they needed to develop abilities. And let us think about us, today. Also we continue to need always to develop abilities — either  the material field, to exist, or  the moral one — , only to satisfy that  plus that  was put into us by the Creator, to be able to undo all knotty problems  of  difficulties that tie and  harm us psycologically .Because the human being is not composed only of substance, but also of psique. And there is not  a development  of psique too ,at the side with  the technological one, the humanity cannot  be considered evolved enough to apply its well free   will, notably  in the use of the new discovered technologies —  development is synonymous of evolution and in the human case, it encloses these two aspects.


                                               If there is  what to be developed, we cannot to  consider one thing or one person as perfect and finished. Only to  illustrate, let us think about the cellular telephone and the computer. Until middle of the passed century, these technological new features had not been distributed in public. From the moment of its appearance,  people who did not know them have had  to acquire new abilities to handle them and to be able to participate of the civil and commercial life that was modified with the  advent of these inventions.And it was  simultaneously  formed , the globalization  phenomenon  --   who did not acquire or not to come to acquire the necessary condition to behave as the requirement of the new situations created for these events will be completely  unloaded  next future from the new goodess of  the life in society nowadays. Even myself, if I have not  had  adhered to the use of these new features and learned to use them, could not have invented  and developed the IEJU-SA, that is  a Cultural Institute with essential  use of the digital reality and the Internet, to establish the national and international Inter-relationship,  and nor we could idealize  such an organization like that  if   these technological new features did not exist, and nor to materialize it, if its administrators had not developed the necessary abilities. Everything of that   is, without any  doubt, an aspect of an evolution, and the choice of the  purpose to what  the acquired abilities go to be used, yes,  is another aspect of that same evolution and  is part of a value judgement, necessarily developed to well exercise the free will .


                                               According to a less mystical   and more rational boarding, it can be imagined that the Creator placed Adam and Eva in front of the dilemma of the serpent  to assay if  was complete this creation, more complex then the others  there in  Paradise (it fits here to remember that thefact of the  existence of more complex beings than the  others is that bases the theory of the “Intelligent Design”). We can also n deduce that there were other ones r equally complex creatures to who tests had been also presented and that they had cheated to be approved --   it was only  only counted us our case  apparently because only it was  of interest for us. Having e evidenced  the Creator that the free human will functioned, it also evidenced that it lacked to the human being to develop an intrinsic capacity to make the option for  himself,  but  to lead himself  to make a good  choice,  and the  development  of that characteristic only can be made with its own e evolution, that is moral and ethical, relative to psique. That develpment is not  able, therefore, to be placed  from outside to  inside of the individual, but it must sprout of the intransmissible seed of the individual experience of each one, from inside to outside, of course!


                                               Let us think : and if  at this point  the Creator decided to believe us, that   consider ourselves so perfect ones, and also understood on  this form? And  because of  that It would decide not to  submit us to any  test of quality , and so It let us  back of ready to the Paradise? It would  be that in  some years we would not have destroyed also the Éden, as well as we are making with the Earth ? And  if It decided in submitting us  to a test, let us  say, thus similar to the test once t we were submitted, in the persons  of Adam and Eva, in those unmemorable  times —  will it  be that we would not make worse of what those two? Those two had removed only one apple of the tree of the knowledge. And we, certanly ,  would we be  content  only with a small fruit or would be until capable to  play an atomic bomb in the Paradise, only  according to  possess all the  orchard?


                                               Let us think: and  if  at this point  the Creator decided to believe us, that in we consider them so perfect, and also understood of this form? E that therefore in did not submit them to no test of quality and in them led back of ready to the Paradise? It will be that of some years we would inside not have destroyed also the Éden, as well as we are making with the Land? E if It decided in submitting them to a test, say, thus similar to the test the one that we were submitted, in the people of Adam and Eva, in those imemoriáveis times - it will be that we would not make worse of what those two? Those two had removed only one apple of the tree of the knowledge. E we, will be that in we would content them only with a small fruit or would be until capable to all play an atomic bomb in the Paradise, only stops in all possessing them of the orchard?



                                               Truthfully,  whether we  hug one or another theory about  our origin, will always reach  the conclusion  that the human  species , as a whole, is in the infantile age, therefore not yet grew morally, and  is  very  multiplied . Curious and disobedient children, are these people who insist on  not evolving morally, being incapable to make a right value  judgment , armed  very dangerous  technologies, without discernment for its use,  becoming annihilating of the environment,  and not obtaining to see the fellows  with respect, by  submitting them   to  the horrors of the war, the hunger, the lack of instruction and denying chances to them to reach  the technological stage  that they already had reached: these people, when withhold the power, present themselves as a powerful group, remain annoying and regratters, thinking still as Adam and Eva before the fall, and  do not serve  the laws of the Nature, unnecessary to  their see, imposed for whim of a Creator that  does not desire to have any  similar . That point of vew they  tie up  the own  and the other’s  evolution  that depend materially on its decisions for any personal or collective development. If, on the other hand, all us  together  become  adult, in the direction of the divine order to grow (physically and morally), without any  doubt the only rational  option , we would be  able to  make the right  choice , according the  concept of the  Creator and of the  Nature. That fact,  will be refined during  a next test that  will come to  be placed , certainly,  therefore if thus it was not, it would not be  having the  necessity to have come  many  saint men , especially Jesus Christ, stops in teaching “the way, the truth and the life”. Way for where? Only for a place, that is, the Paradise, where it  is or what it means.


                                               Individually, there existed and still there  exist terrestrial human beings very evolved, but the evolution of a species is not counted by  one or some representatives, who, while  do not form the majority, are considered “mutant”, “quaint” or “only unbalanced”, being until many times disrespected and mocked by their  brothers. To these  ones that already  see the well the  existing breakdown, it fits the moral duty  to alert  all the others. The greater of the Prophets and Envoy of God,  two  thousand years ago,  just  at the moment of His  death,  left this outcry of alert, not  exactly to  God, who everything knows, but for us , capable of those horrors that against Him  practised  and other more than still today  we continue to practise: “Father, pardon them, therefore they do not know what they doing ”. However,  only  the insane people of all sort and the children  do not  know what they did  and therefore must be pardoned. Even among   the less cultural assimilated peoples  of our planet  penalties are not even given to this kind of person,  considered irresponsible, the first ones for total disability of psychic reasoning and moral  and, the second ones ,  for not being able to conduct itself according  this comprehension , that is, lack of moral and intellectual development . We must, therefore, understand that the humanity, as a whole, is not in the first case, because,  with the divine  power of  cure  that Jesus  controlled  and with the technological evolution that exists  nowadays,  it already would have been cured much time  ago and Its undimensionabli  sacrifice on  the cross would not have been necessary , for our salvation. Yes, it was necessary  because, to free ourselves  of this horrible torpor where we are still involved, was necessary an event of equal largeness of suffering. And this wakening would be, yes, our salvation. But it seems that the great majority of the people not yet understood at least the meaning of so great sacrifice.


                                               Now, that  the humanity already understands the existence of other planets, other universes, it is  felt to be  impelled to know them, to visit them, to make itself their owner, whereas  our planet is almost all destroyed by it same , that has necessity to extend its borders. But it continues  with the same  thought of the  Great Discoveries times: people  judges that it do not exist  other evolved  live beings  in these new places . And if somebody, for the logical reasoning or another way  attain to make  persons at least in doubt, of soon that people affirms that, if that will be reality, always that kind of life   will be inferior to us. With this thought,  we are already starting  the Space Age , taking a preconception against eventual peoples to be joined, that, if  they will be found , fatally they  will have to be different of us, because the environments where they will be living are even diverse of  the ours, having  appearance to other formations of the Nature. Armed still of the infantile aggressiveness, therefore we  do not obtain nor pacifically to coexist inside of the planet Earth  . Certainly if we  would  be  adult people, we were living in peace in our planet.


                                               If for hypothesis, in coming across then with other civilizations, with  this irresponsible behavior that we possess ─  will we repeat what we made  to the Mayans, to the Aztecs, Incas and others, in Americas? Or then, before let us make it,  will we be hindered for very superior living  beings ?


We, occidental people and orientals monoteístas, deturpamos the divine order and fulfill the second part of the same one, without fulfilling the first one, essential condition for second, alleging that the same one if related to the complete development of the physical capacity and reproductive and in them we indiscriminately multiply in this beloved planet as fleas, rats or rabbits, without the the least to inquire if already we possess conditions to coexist, as if waits of an adult, or if we will be always waiting the arrival of a “rescuer” for leading for the hand as if makes with children or will feed, as if makes with the sheep or the cattle. Esquecemo-in the ones of that all the message of the envoy for It, our Masters, since the beginning of our civilizations, was of that we had to be taught, but the duty to assimilate the lições and to galgar higher stages in our formation was only ours - he was not himself thus, if the human being, as a whole, always needed somebody that guided it or if it sacrificed for it, in a perpetual vicious circle, then it comes of ready the following question:

                                                 Why he would be then, each one of us, terrestrial human beings, armed of the free will?


                                               And if we are just now   placed ahead our second dilemma, that is, what to do with our life on  the way we have placed our planet : would it  be our decision correct  as a ritual act of passage, from the infantile  for the adult age, or perhaps our perpetual perdition ? We may  demonstrate  our evolutionary stage with  one of that  three results: or finding  the  way of  return  to Paradise (in synthesis our final objective, although  we not to know accurately in what it consists), or banishment from  the planet Earth to  another place (one second chance), or  total destruction , as species that did not come out right  (one  species incapable to reach its purpose).


                                               To the end of my meditation, I could conclude that we must grow morally with urgency for, responsibly , as   adults , with our free will,  decide if we desire that the terrestrial humanity is known, in the remain of the Universe, as a wave of grasshoppers whom where everything arrives it destroys, or loving ones  of  peace, capable to teach some things  and to learn much more, and to participate fully of this wonder that is the Life, in its ampler sense.





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