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                                   On the following items, the Espaço Cultural IEJU-SA, from now called Cultural IEJU-SA, presents its Privacy Policy.

                                    If you have any questions, or if you want to authorize us any publication, or at any time wish to cancel the authorization for use your publications the interior of our website, please use the newsletter service, or send us an e-mail to

                                   This Privacy Policy is always available on our website, on a "link" easily located. Its contents may be changed in future to bring it to innovations in technology and / or the society , and therefore the sole responsibility of the user refer to it regularly to keep up to date on the subject. The changes that will be made in this Privacy Policy will be applicable from the date of delivery or the new version on our website.

What informations we collect

                                       To gain access to our site and visit all your pages and programs is not necessary that you carry out any formality. There are some programs to provide services, however, because individual, need to collect personal data of interest to better meet its expectations and provide the best guidance that we propose.  We aim, in this way, to rend our services; the best of our socio-cultural activities-education can do to our audience.

                                   The Cultural IEJU-SA try to collect information about your users always there will be the personalization of the service, every time it will be   upon request. Thus, information is collected when you join us in the newsletter, or use any of the programs which provide individualized services, according to the questionnaires contained therein for the purpose of better answers to questions that are addressed. Such information confidential under the law in Brazil, may be:

                       1) in the service of “newsletter”;

                        2) contained in the entries provided by Cultural IEJU-SA  partners, legal or physical persons, with the authorization of the user of our services;

                        3) mandatory or optional, as indicated in each case;

                        4) other information that you wish to add to the requested, which will be published just only it you expressly provide it.

                                   If the user enters an independent site, in "Link" published by the website of the Cultural IEJU-SA, you must consult its own existing rules, which may be complementary to those provided in our Privacy Policy, before completing any registration and we are not responsible for the confidentiality of information that you provide on this way.

                                   After registration, the user will be able to enjoy the benefits of a registered user of Cultural IEJU-SA, including participation in promotions, video, chats, other events on-line, competitions, prizes, raffles, distribution of gifts, sale or distribution of products, participation in seminars, conferences, visits to universities, museums, schools, cultural centers, when these events are sponsored by us or have our participation or cooperation.

                                   The Cultural IEJU-SA will communicate the users about their partners and sponsors, project to project, or general scope of their activities, if there will be. For information on policies and privacy practices of these partners and / or sponsors, we suggest that users find the specific rules of relationships within the site of the partner.

The use of informations by the Cultural IEJU-SA

                                    The information is used in a database that allows the customization of the services we provide to users and how that can best fit to our cultural policy of care to our target audience, children, youth and adults.

                                   The Cultural IEJU-SA will carry out research with specialized entities and   monitor the statistics compiled by the server / host our website on the Internet and its users to "newsletter" and enrolled in other programs that we provide for the purpose to put emphasis to certain areas of knowledge and most requested topics that will interest the general public, so that we can increase our scope of activities and provide better services.

                                   Users who choose to share their  questions to potential partners and / or sponsors of the Cultural IEJU-SA are reminded that they can prepare their own entries and we are not responsible for this development. And also we are not responsible for the provision of any of the products they may offer for sale or donation without the seal of the Cultural IEJU-SA and not the shipment of commercial advertisements that randomly they may send you, that are not allowed in contracts or agreements for partnership or sponsorship case by case.

                                   If the registered user does not wish to receive ads or offers, you may express it at the completion of your registration information. But this refusal does not include the receipt of our releases of technical and cultural content, or information relating our services that are at your disposal.

            In compliance with the confidentiality of your personal information, they will only be   disclosed when it ordered by the administrative authorities (including police) or judicial, when formally requested to do so and whenever possible, the user will be notified in advance or simultaneously. Competition awards or prizes sponsored by the Cultural IEJU-SA must be informed to the competent authorities, when required by law at the time.

 Marks and Copyright of Cultural IEJU-SA

                    All marks and symbols, including the audiovisual opening’s epic poem, compact and complete versions, the animations, texts, graphics and images on this website are registered works. It is forbidden the copy of marks and symbols and openness of the Cultural IEJU-SA’s website.

                  The text, graphics, animations and images of this website may be copied in part or in full, only with the declaration visible on each page, that it is   intellectual property of the Cultural IEJU-SA, owned by Lia Milhomens Pantoja, including author's name that  sign each work individually.

                       The websites that wish to include their links in whole or in part, on Cultural IEJU-SA’s website, may use their marks and symbols only with integral use. If partial, they attend the general norms above.  All dispositions of this Privacy Policy are applied, beyond the foreseen legal sanctions in breaching cases.  No commercial use of this material is permitted.

                        The inattention to norms of Privacy Policy set the offender subject to legal penalties.

Warnings and Exemptions

                         The Cultural IEJU-SA does not maintain insurance against incidents that may occur in the environment of the Internet, so the user should seek to hire, at its expense, insurance deemed appropriate.

                        The Cultural IEJU-SA is not liable to third parties for not true informations on personal data records.

                        The Cultural IEJU-SA is not responsible for copyright claims by third ones over works sent for publication in its website. Every work must be sent us accompanied with the presenter's statement that the work is its/their authorship, or demonstration of another publication of that same authorship, where the name(s) of author(s) is (is) identified. And also the authorization for publication. Or, then, with the certificate of registration of the work on the competent organ.

                        All papers written in foreign language should, ideally, be translated into Portuguese, with the stamp of its author and will only be published with the translation into Portuguese. The Cultural IEJU-SA may publish some works in any known idiom, but will accept for publication works sent by third ones in front of it only on the three official foreign languages of the Cultural IEJU-SA:  Spanish, English and French, always accompanied by the Portuguese version. Exception is done in case of cartoons or audio-visual media-independent of spoken or written text.

                         The Cultural IEJU-SA is not obliged to make to your account, the translation of a work in Portuguese to one of the other three official languages. But, with available cash, this translation can be made to or for them all. The same applies to works that come from Abroad, in one or more of the three other official foreign languages.

                         All citations made on one  work, or frames or other media inserted in a paper presented by an author of Cultural IEJU-SA may be accompanied by the source with the right and proper identification. Otherwise, the Cultural IEJU-SA is not responsible for copyright that have nothing to be claimed.

                        Any dispute over the copyright of any work published on our website on the Internet will lead to its immediate withdrawal of air, without prior notification to the one that requested its publication. Soon after the Cultural IEJU-SA send letter or e-mail to the user, informing him the fact to its attention and requesting explanations.

                        To access certain areas and / or services of the "Website" of the Cultural IEJU-SA it will be required the use of individual password, provided in each case. The Cultural IEJU-SA does not allow any user to provide your password to third individual. The user should seek to take reasonable care of safety recommended for users of the Internet, for example, avoid leaving your computer on when not next to it, or use individual obvious password.

                        The environment of the Internet is not 100% secure. It is solely the responsibility of the user to choose, with their knowledge or seeking the advice of others on the appropriateness of use of our website FORUM WORLD IEJUSA in this context, even considering the rules and warnings here.

                        The Cultural IEJU-SA count on its members, users and other visitors to its website to keep to its ethical and cultural purposes and this Privacy Policy.

                        In the case of any breach of the standards set here, the Cultural IEJU-SA may, at its sole discretion, to warning, or to suspend, temporarily, access to its website, the offender, who will be subjected to penalties under status and other measures necessary to determine the termination of the practice inappropriate and / or seek redress of its consequences.



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